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Newspaper of Iași - 02 2022

By Alex Vasiliu - Journalist, musicologist and teacher

"[...] reflects one of Joë Christophe's main qualities: finesse, malleability, a true sensitivity of expression, materialized by a velvety sound that does not lose its delicacy even when the melodic design calls for a strong nuance. [...] By emphasizing the difference between the brilliant and powerful sounds and those immediately emitted in a pianissimo nuance, barely audible, Joë Christophe incorporated into the discourse of his instrument the musical value of a moment of silence, an element rarely encountered in the versions of other clarinet virtuosos, but which in his version did not disturb, on the contrary, aroused admiration."

Dessau - 01 2022

L. Spohr clarinet concerto n°2 w/ Anhaltische Philharmonie 

"[...] Louis Spohr's second clarinet concerto, which is better known among specialists, but with the soloist Joë Christophe here had the best lawyer imaginable. [...] He played the highly romantic Spohr concerto in a perfect balance of gripping sharing and sensitive relaxation, solo brilliance and chamber music playing - carried by great breath and almost unearthly technical mastery. His tone shimmered in the gentle vibrato that characterizes the French clarinet school. In the encore by the Hungarian composer Béla Kovács, Christophe proved that he is open to a wide variety of styles. An artist who would also fit in perfectly with the Kurt Weill Festival. And which harmonized perfectly with the Philharmonie." 

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Siegener Zeitung - 09 2021

Mozart clarinet concerto w/ Philharmonie Südwestfalen

"And then the clarinet cast a spell over everyone. Whether in effortlessly elegant arpeggios and runs into velvety-dark depths or in the most delicate breath in subtlest heights. The first movement "Allegro" already showed Joë Christophe's enchanting, highly virtuosic sound art. 

The songlike second movement unfolded even more magical effect with its heavenly beautiful, breath-long cantilenas. So simple and so moving! 

The melodious Rondo came across as dance-like, cheerful and lively. With this concerto, composed shortly before his death and dedicated to the then famous Anton Stadler, Mozart created a jewel without equal! Cheers and endless applause thanked the fantastic clarinettist."

Diapason - 11_2019

Sonates d'Automne - 10 2020

"(...) au son de la clarinette agile de Joë Christophe qui, seul, dans une large palette de nuances, parcourait, dans des climats changeants, les paysages romantiques de la première sonate de Brahms."

Sonates d'Automne 10 2020

Diapason - 11 2019

"Joë Christophe s'est vu attribuer un 1er prix et pas moins de six spéciaux. Une consécration quelques semaines après une victoire à Cluj (Roumanie), galop d'essai parfait pour étalonner son « niveau à l'international ».

L'amour du jeune clarinettiste - il fête son quart de siècle ce 9 novembre - pour l'instrument à anche simple est né à Jolimetz, village du Nord où ce « ch'ti » a pu dès l'âge de six ans profiter des cours gratuits d'une école de musique et jouer au sein d'une harmonie."

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